Lipstick favourites

Over the past few years, I have become a lipstick addict. There’s nothing like having mascara on your eyelashes, a hint of blush and a matte lipstick – preferably a deep wine shade. So I’ve decided to list some of my go to lipsticks that are guaranteed to be a regular purchase in the future. Perhaps those with an Indian skintone might find this useful. I am sure some of you already have a few of the below mentioned lipsticks in your makeup kits. Here it goes.

NARS Amsterdam

Nude lipsticks are nowhere to be seen as they just don’t suit my complexion and wash me out. So my go to everyday lipstick is NARS Amsterdam which comes in a matte formula. It’s like a brown red which is muted, so you can wear it in the office and it can take you to through to an evening event. Most of the lipsticks I have are definitely for autumn and winter, but that’s never stopped me from occasionally wearing a lip colour in summer in the evening.

MAC Diva

This is like the queen of all the MAC lipsticks for me. It’s a reddish burgundy colour in a matte finish that looks gorgeous on all complexions. There are three women in my house (including me) and we all own and love this lipstick. It’s the perfect fall lip colour.

Maybelline Divine Wine

The matte formula is so different to a MAC lipstick which can be drying sometimes. The fact that it easily glides on, is creamy and the colour is gorgeous makes this one of my favourite lipsticks.

MAC Viva Glam III

This is another matte lipstick which I would describe on my skintone as appearing like a brownish plum. I really like this colour paired with a baby blue or lavender coloured jumper.

MAC Viva Glam I

This colour again in a matte finish is one I was initially hesitant about buying and applying but I’ve grown to like it! It’s a red which is always a difficult colour to buy when you’ve got an Indian skintone. My first red lipstick, I would say this is my summer holiday colour. It’s like a brownish blue-red that brightens up my face. Once I get my base sorted, two coatings of mascara, eyeliner and hint of blush, I’m good to go with the lip colour. For me, minimal is key when I wear this lipstick.

NYX Copenhagen 

A recent buy, I would describe this as my 2016 buy of the year because the colour, finish and cost eclipses everything! It’s a soft matte lip cream colour and with this, I have become addicted to liquid lipsticks. It’s moisturising and stays on through a lunch with a  drink. I feel like if I wear this in the morning, by the time I return home, it’s faded slightly which is pretty good.

NYX Cherry Skies

With this lipstick, I finally found the perfect red! It’s so, so gorgeous and is wearable all year around. Super affordable again, it’s a liquid suede cream lipstick that comes in matte. The staying power is really good and I feel like I can apply mascara with it and I’m all good to go! Love!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, Vampira

Leaving the best till last in terms of quality, colour and staying power, the Kat Von D liquid lipsticks have been a gift to all beauty lovers. When I tried this lipstick on for the first time, I was blown away by how different the colour was and how good it looked on my skintone. It’s a deep reddish burgundy that creates a veru bold lip. Ladies, if there’s one fall lipstick you should buy this autumn as a treat, I would make it this one!