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Bothered by the Befikre trailer? Me too


Kiss. Antics. Kiss. Antics. Make out session in a car. End. That people, is what I saw delivered as a trailer for Befikre. A peppy title track composed by duo Vishal-Shekhar got my foot tapping, but if you expect me to say anything else that is remotely positive, it’s not going to happen. The trailer shows two individuals – a grown man and woman – discussing how they are never going to say those three forbidden words, I love you. As the camera zooms out and the music starts, you get to witness a series of acts in which both are shown to be ‘living the life.’ The woman dares the man to slap a cop, he is then roaming around in red underwear and both get caught half-naked with the media outside a hotel. In between all this, you realise both characters are content being friends with benefits. Haven’t we seen this play out before in Hollywood movies a few years back?

Here’s my gripe with the trailer. There is simply no content and nothing intriguing that tempts me to see this in December. What happened to meaningful cinema especially with director Aditya Chopra at the helm? This is the man who directed the iconic Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, a love story like no other. Am I now expected to give up two hours of my time to see a man and a woman just want sex but then realise they really, really like each other and actually, friends with benefits isn’t going to cut it? Is this the half-baked, soulless stuff we’re going to be provided with in the form of entertainment?

What really concerns me, is that the actor playing the main lead, Ranveer Singh believes the movie is reflective of the way the youth understands relationships and it’s for the Tinder generation. How bizarre and totally not true! Whilst this may be no big deal for the youth in other cultures, a lot of people in their 20s would still struggle with the idea – especially in India. Also, isn’t Tinder now dying out? I don’t have an issue with people who don’t want to commit but have fun. I do have an issue with the assumption that the youth want no strings attached relationships and would rather mess around doing WTF stuff. As far as I know, 18 year olds are getting ready for uni, maybe taking a gap year, working to pay the bills and enjoying a night out. Not every day though. Certainly not acting like idiots. Oh and if Chopra was really looking to target 18 year olds with this ‘carefee’ and ‘no holds barred’ movie, he should have cast teens rather than grown people.

I was really looking forward to seeing what Singh had up his sleeve following his award-winning performance in Bajirao Mastani. I was equally interested in seeing what ‘invisible filmmaker’ Chopra had to offer as his comeback. He clearly needs to step out of his house more and experience a bit of what millennials are really up to. It’s disappointing that Singh has come out saying this is a ‘timepass’ movie. Not exactly positive stuff is it? I am not looking to pass my time. If I wanted to do that, I’d be sitting in my bed browsing on my phone. For now, Befikre has done nothing to make me a book a ticket at the Odeon. And for the love of God, please stop milking Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.