London attractions

There’s magic in London, there’s magic in a butterfly house.

My earliest memory of childhood fun during the annual summer holiday in India, consists of helping my cousins trap butterflies in houses made of bricks on the rooftop in sweltering temperatures. It was an annoying yellow one I could never quite catch. Thinking of it now makes me laugh – I didn’t stand a chance.

This week, as I strolled the steets of South Kensington, I decided to step into a world where I could experience an hour or so of being a child again. Oh it was the best decision ever! We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life that we forget to just let go! Just outside the Natural History Museum is a white tent housing butterflies and moths. In a nutshell, it’s oodles of fun! Some advice – it gets a bit warm in there!



I hope my pictures have done the talking. What are you waiting for?! Get down there now! Sensational Butterflies is truly sensational 🙂