Woy’s woes continue as Liverpool and England clash over Sterling


Let’s face it. Roy Hogdson hasn’t exactly won the fans over with his leadership, ever since he’s been at the helm of the England national football team. Knocked out of the 2014 World Cup in the group stages, he’s been receiving flak ever since and rightly so. The nation have been far from entertained by the performances on the pitch, so with his unpopularity sky rocketing, going public with his disapproval on Sterling choosing to not play because of tiredness, was not exactly the brightest thing to do. Sterling also turns out to be a Liverpool player, straining an already fragile relationship between the England and Liverpool managerial teams.

Sturridge has been on the sidelines having been injured on international duty, which has been a huge loss for Liverpool as they have struggled to score goals and consequently win games. With Hodgson pointing fingers at Liverpool and questioning their claims on a 2 day recovery period, the club versus country debate has once again resurfaced. My view on Sterling’s supposed request to not want to start because of fatigue? So what? He was exhausted and felt he wasn’t up for it. The statistics certainly back up his claim, as it’s proof that he has played a hell of a lot of minutes on the pitch, and having had Sturridge injured already, losing Sterling would be a catastrophe.


But I also question what it says about how devoted they are in playing for their country. Where’s the passion? Where’s the dedication? Ok, I might be taking this a bit too far, but if we want our players to be progressing further than the group stages, we need them to be raring to go for The Three Lions!

It’s not the first time that England and Liverpool FC have been at loggerheads. As a Liverpool fan, I have been quite frustrated with the international breaks, because on a number of occasions, Liverpool players have been injured and have missed out on the Premier League games, which has proven to be costly. Back in November 2010, Steven Gerrard was injured playing against France when Capello was in charge. Out for a month with a hamstring injury, Hodgson who was under pressure as Liverpool manager at the time, must have felt the loss of his talisman. Surely he understands the frustration that Rodgers is going through? I have to give credit to Gerrard though – he went on to play an hour more than was agreed by Liverpool at the time. Perhaps Sterling could have taken a leaf out of his colleague’s book. Ok, I’ll give it a rest. I’m with Sterling on this one.


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