How chew solve a problem like Suarez?


(Credit: Mashable)

It’s a question that has gripped my entire life in the past few days this summer because I happen to know the man a bit more than the run of the mill football viewer. It so happens that as a Liverpool fan, seeing your best player drop from hero to zero is not the easiest thing to digest. Especially after seeing a transformation worthy of praise last season. As fans, you get fed up. I’m fed up. In fact, I really am tired of having to defend and support the man. Not once, not twice but three times. Three times, he’s got his teeth into a person. It’s such a quandary to be in when you treasure the player for helping your team along to success, only to see him throw it all away on an international stage with millions if not billions of people watching. What an idiot. He scores two magnificent goals (as expected) in one game and then he attacks a player like that. And it’s not even the bite that has really got me seething. It’s the things after that. It’s the playacting, the joke of a dive, where he clutched his face and held onto his teeth like a person fixing his orthodontic retainers. When the game finished, I was anticipating an apology. So I waited. And waited. I’m sure a lot of Liverpool fans were waiting for him to come out and show remorse. But ohhh no. He dismisses it and says ”these things happen on the pitch.” No Luis. YOU make them happen.

I know the Uruguayan team had their best player to protect and a competition to participate in but for Pete’s sake, the amount of covering up and lying we got to witness in the aftermath was ridiculous. I would have preferred utter silence rather than ludicrous statements like:

”What incident? The footage doesn’t show anything, you can speculate from it but it’s nothing important.”

I know for a fact that Liverpool FC would not have turned their back to this and pretended like nothing had happened. After the Ivanovic bite, Suarez released a statement that evening to show he was aware his actions were out of order. But it seems that the Uruguayan management lacked a moral compass and were more concerned with progressing, rather than protecting a football player’s reputation for the better. As far as the ban is concerned, I think that it should have been six months for international football only. When Ivanovic was attacked in the Premier League, that was only applied to club football. So why not apply this ban to international football only?

You’d think the potty statements from the Uruguayans had stopped but the written defence from Suarez released today generated more shakes of the head:

“After the impact … I lost my balance, making my body unstable and falling on top of my opponent. At that moment I hit my face against the player, leaving a small bruise on my cheek and a strong pain in my teeth.”

Oh yeah. We believe you.

Taking into account today’s latest update, how chew you solve a problem like Suarez? Well it’s pretty simple to me. You sell him and bring in players who aren’t going to be a liability. Who aren’t going to lie through their teeth. Then you move on. And before I depart I still think that Suarez needs help. And I hope he gets it because he is a football genius. Albeit a flawed one.



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