Random musings

A brand new year, a brand new you – but why not start now?

new year 2014

Another year has whizzed by. Another year to mull over as the New Year approaches. You’re looking for a fresh start and perhaps some of you are wanting to continue as you have been. Maybe you don’t want changes as you’re pretty content with how things are going. Life is sweet so why make changes and mess with the flow of things?

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Do we need them? Specifically, why have changes implemented and routines shaken up for the new calendar year? Can we as individuals choose to not follow a time and date and actually sit down and say ‘I’m starting now or tomorrow?’ Why wait for the 1st of January 2014 to kick yourself into gear?

You have the typical lifestyle changes – give up drinking, exercise more, eat less and just generally be a better person. So clearly, before we’ve hit the 1st of January, you’re mentally contemplating what you want to set as a resolution. But surely making those changes before New Year would make things easier?


‘I can eat whatever I want because I’m hitting the gym next year anyway.’

Why make things harder by eating unhealthily which would mean more hard work to get that svelte and fit figure?

‘I want to do something amazing but I’ll wait it out till Jan.’

Why wait to help someone, make a person happy or support a good cause? Why not start planning now and take a small step?

Timeframes should be ditched. It only serves to make things harder when you finally get around to making changes. It’s a tougher goal to achieve. I’m not saying you won’t see results. It will take longer to achieve something, that’s all. Life is too short anyway to delay and put a hold on things. So if you have a resolution, start now! If dates are that important, make sure you stick to your resolution 🙂

Goodbye 2013. Hello 2014. Let’s hope it’s a good ‘un!


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