We’re all trying to be fit Microsoft – we just don’t want our bras to be informing us too.


Credit: The Telegraph

A smart bra that now aims to detect my emotions and prevent me from reaching out for a bourbon or shortbread biscuit, has been invented by Microsoft. By monitoring my heart and skin activity, data will be gathered on an app offering me some wonderful advice, like breathing exercises, so that I calm down and don’t overeat. Genius, yes, but I tell you what Microsoft, I don’t need my undergarments to be dictating my calorie intake thank you. My bras have been made for one purpose only, so let them fiddly things support that cause only – know what I’m saying? I mean there are some immediate thoughts that entered my brain when I read this story earlier this month. I’ve only now had the time to share this and so I proceed to list them:

1. What if a Crunchie, raspberry cheesecake or tiramisu is fundamental in decreasing my stress levels? What if delaying that bite into a sugary snack snowballs into a super binge? Have a think about that.

2. I don’t want wires or sensors attached to my clothing. Having straps and underwires is bad enough.

3. What if the equipment fails and I’m stressed but the EKG doesn’t detect it and it’s too late? I’m in the kitchen, my hand has reached for the ice cream tub and I’m now in food heaven?

I don’t need a techy bra to know I’m stressed and I’m going to end up comfort eating/over eating. I have enough will power to say no to a biscuit. I equally know that if I do indulge in a dessert, I can burn it off. I certainly know when I’m a bit stressed I tend to look to laughter, yoga and chilling out.

So no thanks Microsoft. Leave the bra alone.


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