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2013 taught me to grab opportunities


Nothing better than starting a blog post with an Audrey Hepburn quote who personifies elegance and beauty.

Ok so we’re not quite there yet but we are approaching the end of another year. Had someone told me last year that 2013 was going to be my most defining year, I wouldn’t have believed it. As it happens, this year has been flippin’ phenomenal. I think that as time goes on, a person should be learning new things and growing on a personal and professional level. That has all happened with me and it has been one awesome year!

This year brought me into the world of PR. It’s a world which most graduates think consists of boozy lunches and oodles of glamour – far from it. I took on a traineeship with the Taylor Bennett Foundation which has been doing wonderful things by actively addressing the lack of diversity in PR. I had no clue that such an issue existed until I started the programme and realised that only 8% of public relations practitioners come from minority ethnic groups. The traineeship took me into another world completely which for a 23 year old looking to establish a career of some sort, was surreal.

I met top quality PR practitioners, visited in house organisations and agencies to see how they work and gained skills along the way. I feel so strongly about the programme that I felt the need to convey how utterly wonderful an opportunity it is.

Imagine being chucked into an intense traineeship with five people who you don’t know and have to work with to do presentations and learn the basics of a trade. I met five great people and with them experienced one hell of a journey. Commutes to visit places, long hours to perfect presentations and the rush to meet deadlines – I did it all. Along the way, I learned a little bit more about myself and was pushed like never before. As a result, I walked away more knowledgeable with a completely new outlook on the world. Seems unreal right?

I guess what I want to say by reflecting on my life this year is go and grab opportunities. Take a risk. Follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to consider a different career path. I don’t aim to preach, rather aim to inspire. So here’s hoping that my words have done that because trust me. If you really want something, the whole world will conspire in trying to help you achieve it.

Well that’s what I think (or Paulo Coehlo).

For more information about the Taylor Bennett Foundation, please visit


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