10 things I learned as SAS ran out of ammunition against Arsenal

sturridge and suarez


  1. We’re not going to win the Premier League.
  2. There’s no creativity in midfield.
  3. Coutinho is an integral part of the setup.
  4. Sturridge and Suarez’s telepathy communication suffered breakdown problems of all sorts against an on form team.
  5. Suarez and Sturridge made some mistakes and actually need to learn how to play together to become an even more effective strike partnership.
  6. Steven Gerrard was non-existent and in reality, seems to be in most games.
  7. Henderson is a decent player but not of a class that can help Liverpool push for the title.
  8. Some Liverpool fans are deluded to think Rodgers needs to go – we are 10 points better off than last season.
  9. Arsene Wenger finds gems who create wonder goals.
  10. If Arsenal had Suarez, they might have the title in the bag.

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