Bucket list-ish

Travel and non travel 


1) Tuscany (obsessed ever since I watched the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun

2) Travel around Rajasthan and see the cities/villages of Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Bundi

3) Visit a beautiful cemetery.

4) Watch a Liverpool game at Anfield.

5) Do the Andalucia golden triangle.

6) Watch a World Cup game.

7) Go to Ladakh, India.

8) See Dal Lake, India

9) Fall in love, be in love, get married and have kids.

10) Travel on the Himalayan Railways and visit a tea estate in Darjeeling.

11) Get a taster of Bengali culture by visiting Calcutta.

12) See one of the most beautiful gardens in the world like Monet Garden, Giverny.

18) Change someone’s life.

19) Watch the sunset at a beach.

20) Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain in Rome. [Done]

21) The Amalfi Coast

22) Dubrovnik

23) Fes

24) Santorini

25) Rio de Janeiro

26) Capetown

27) Vienna

28) Salzburg to Hallstatt

29) Lake Bled

30) Kerala

31) Buenos Aires

32) Cartagena

33) Myanmar

34) Kyoto

35) Vietnam

36) Guanajuato

37) San Francisco

38) New York

39) Venice

40) Bruges

41) Paris

42) Ubud

43) Lisbon to Sintra

44) Istanbul and Cappadocia

45) Kotor

46) Sri Lanka


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