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Tinder – the new ‘love’ app. Don’t look through rose – tinted glasses…


(Credit: The Guardian)

London. Beyond the cosmopolitan appeal, what an outsider will never see is the reality that is people waking up at 6:30 in the morning to catch the tube, spending the whole day slugging away at their desks till 6:30pm to then leave to go home and sleep. The typical life of a Londoner has a week of evening social dos if they’re lucky to not have a lot of work on their plate, but mostly life is spent in the office. So where does a single person in London get to meet someone?

Well, this week I came across an article in the Metro sitting on the tube and it was about this new app for dating called Tinder. The fact that someone on the tube is looking at a profile picture, thinking ‘fit’ and then swiping to the right evokes a roll of the eyeballs. If two people ending up ‘liking’ each other, you are matched and a conversation can begin. The profile pictures are pulled from Facebook, so liking someone is based purely on appearance. This app isn’t really for online dating. The word ‘like’ equates to casual hooking up. The other downside for me is that you might end up chatting to someone and arranging a date only to find that there’s something about the person’s appearance or personality that puts you off instantly, messing up the date before you’ve even had the chance to start ordering your food. Even 13 year olds can download this free app. 13 year olds! I have no doubt that there are strange men using this app for fun as well so it’s pretty stalkerish to know that young girls might be talking to men who are looking for nothing serious. I am equally sure that these 13 year olds are immature and using the app for the ‘lulz.’

Someone said that ‘Tinder is more romantic than meeting in a coffee shop. The phone today is such an intimate possession that we have, it is almost like the phone has become a part of us.’

Is this person for real?! Call me an old-fashioned romantic, but I personally love the idea of bumping into a person in a coffee shop or a book store or even on a holiday somewhere. Fixing up dates over a mobile app is hardly the stuff dreams are made of. In reality, is the typical Brit’s lifestyle so hectic that to find ‘the one’ technology is the solution? We’re all boarding tubes and trains with our eyes on our phone replying to emails, ordering clothes and texting family. We might as well look for a spouse on the phone as well then, no?


(Credit: Dialaphone.co.uk)

On a parting note, good luck to those who have subsequently got married because of those 65 marriage proposals when people have been matched up – simply because of their appearance initially of course. Good luck also to the 21 full-time members of staff  who will be working for Tinder but are banned from using the app in the office because they become less productive.

Surely Tinder should be helping their staff in matters of love first?


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