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Zoopla’s PR stunt involving Rooney

The Barclays Premier League is back! Thank God for that! I was awoken on Saturday morning with my brother barging into my room with MOTD’s official song blaring out from his mobile phone just to highlight that football was back. At times, things do go mad in my house but that’s kind of expected when you’re a LFC fan. Moving away from that, from a PR perspective, the months from June to August are known as the ‘silly season.’ There’s nothing to write about and as such, the newspapers’ attempt to provide quality news is abysmal. The only thing to talk about regarding football is the transfer window. As any football fan would know, the hot topic in the last few months has been Wayne Rooney wanting to leave Manchester United. It’s been a bit of a tussle and things still don’t seem clear. Robin Van Persie has already started the season with a bang and Welbeck has set his eyes on stepping up his game. Chelsea seem keen to snap Rooney up and it seems property website Zoopla has been trying to help the club in pushing the deal through.

In a hilarious PR stunt, Zoopla parked a van outside Old Trafford with the following written on it:


Here’s what Zoopla had to say:

“At Zoopla, we’ve got all the best properties from the major estate agents in the capital. Whether Wayne and Coleen are after a two-bed apartment in South Kensington, a four-bedroom townhouse in Knightsbridge, or a mansion in Oxshott or Cobham in Surrey, our smarter property search tools will take a large chunk of the stress away from choosing a new home for their family.”

This was much needed humour for a saga that continues to simmer on. It was cheap and tongue in cheek and brought both clubs a bit of good PR. Now I think it would have been a bit cheeky to get a moving van for Liverpool striker Suarez as well, although he now seems to have conceded that the Arsenal deal is well and truly over. All in all, the PR stunt certainly caught the eye of sports fans and helped get Zoopla’s brand message out there as well. I imagine the fact that people would have taken a picture and posted it on Twitter, would have led to more exposure for all the parties involved.


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