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Dissecting the NHS Blood and Transplant Campaign

There were some incredibly successful healthcare campaigns last year, but The Red Consultancy’s work with NHS Blood and Transplant, stood out for its uniqueness. Just looking at the following image captures the essence of what the campaign aimed to do:


It really is a striking photo particularly because of the detailed painting on the bodies of the circulatory system, which was a fantastic way of grabbing attention. I have to give it to the eight male and female models that stripped down and allowed themselves to be painted and photographed at unique locations in London. It really was inspiring stuff.  The whole point of the campaign was to address the influx of tourists coming into the country during the Olympics and the subsequent distraction and disruption to donation sessions during the Games. The aim here was to drive awareness of the need for people with vulnerable blood types to come forward and keep the media interested to bring in new and existing donors.

It was an extremely well thought out healthcare campaign and one that had to generate sustained interest over the course of the three months where the nation was submersed in the Olympics. The theme was called Team Give Blood, and like any successful campaign, the inclusion of celebrities really helped in delivering its message. Eight celebrities were unveiled as captains of Team Give Blood, with each representing one of the eight blood types. The likes of Gary Lineker, Greg James, Saira Khan and Twin B were then asked to appeal to people from different age groups and the images were sent to national and online media with the celebrities engaging with their followers on Twitter to get the message out.

What I also liked is how the PR team at The Red Consultancy came up with more innovative ideas during the course of the campaign to ensure they got media coverage throughout the Olympics. The success of the campaign was clearly indicated by 958 pieces of mainstream media coverage secured overall, calls to NHSBT increasing by 29% and website traffic doubling following the campaign launch. The campaign reached 80% of UK adults and received over 10,000 mentions on social media, with NHSBT hitting their 30% stock build target in time for the Olympics. It’s not surprising therefore that the campaign was a finalist for the CIPR awards and applauded for delivering a serious message so effectively.


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