Healthcare / PR – what it means for women and PR.


For someone looking to start a career in healthcare public relations, knowing what journalists to pitch stories to is very important. Anna Magee, is one such multi-award winning health journalist who writes for magazines and newspapers such as Grazia and the Daily Mail. She recently launched a health site for women called as there was a gap in the market that needed addressing. I had a quick surf and found the content to be extremely useful, with advice given on wellbeing, health and prevention.  As Magee mentions in her interview, the site is definitely catered to the working woman aged 28 – 55, but there were videos and articles related to beauty and yoga that a young woman in her early 20s would find it worth reading.

Women are lacking accurate and concise information about health and wellbeing that is easily accessible. With technology being so pivotal in our daily routines, surfing the site through Youtube, Facebook and Twitter is much more convenient, making a great setup.

From a PR perspective, what stood out to me was the fact that as a journalist, Magee felt that only 10- 20% of potential content made it to her print stories because of space constraints. For a PR person pitching stories to health and medical correspondents, that is not encouraging news. therefore, offers a great way of getting the stories out there on websites, rather than have them lie at the bottom of an inbox of emails.

Finally, there are some tips that Magee gives to PR folks that should be treated like gold dust! Ideally, anyone looking to pitch a story for to cover should do so if they have the following:

  • First person memoirs.
  • Fit women’s everyday health secrets.
  • New products and books.
  • Health news, surveys etc.
  • Expert blogs.
  • Real women’s experiences in all forms.
  • Potential video talent

What did I take away? I see this trend of journalists loving tidbits about celebrities and why not? To run a successful PR campaign, getting a well-known face in can do wonders! Also, I have learned that stories need to be current, interesting and credible to get a journalist itching to write about it. You need to know who you are pitching to and the audience that needs to be targeted, because if you don’t, you won’t get the desired outcome and the message will be lost. Finally, digital media is becoming very important and so it will not always be the case that a story would need to be pitched as a news piece. To read that it can take the form of a video or feature, puts a whole new spin on what pitching is all about, for me personally.


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