Random musings

It’s a boy! Let’s move on now.

will and kate

It’s a boy weighing in at 8lbs 6oz that made foolish Brits hang onto the gates of Buckingham Palace in the sweltering heat, in the hope that they’ll catch a glimpse of him. These individuals probably failed to process that the baby was going to be cooing away in the Lindo wing of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, whilst the Royals popped the cork of champagne bottles in celebration. I like Will and Kate. They make a refreshing pair from the drab Charles and Camilla. It’s ludicrous how everyone has followed this story, ever since news of Kate being in labour broke. Why did people waste their time in temperatures of 30 degrees plus to see nada? Why were there ridiculous articles being written on whether the royal baby was going to be a Leo or Cancerian? Apparently, mothers who were supposed to give birth on the same day were also followed in hospitals. Yes. You read that right. Like it was supposed to be some glorious coincidence that had to be celebrated and it was vital that we got the reaction of those ‘non-royal’ mothers to be.

We Brits just go too far.

The media goes too far.

Congratulations Will and Kate.

Now let the heavens open. The humidity is killing me.


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