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Check your puppies ladies!


I would be the first to admit that checking my boobs would be the last thing on my mind in a world where I barely get to have a proper breakfast in the morning. Health is so important for us women that we forget to take care of ourselves!

Back in March, an uber cute PR campaign was launched to raise awareness of breast cancer. Cosmopolitan magazine and charity Coppafeel! joined hands and used puppies to get the message across.  I really liked how the campaign was very human friendly and used the adorable elements to raise awareness. The main focus of the campaign was to ‘care.’ Using animals and the British public’s love of dogs, I thought it was the perfect foundation to start from by using puppies as a word to describe ‘boobs.’

As the target audience was women between the ages of 18 and 35, who according to statistics are less likely to check their breasts regularly, using Cosmopolitan magazine was perfect. It’s a girly magazine which covers a lot of articles including health and is distributed worldwide. I for one would definitely pick that magazine up on the go and see the appeal. Most importantly, there are 64 editions worldwide and it’s distributed in more than 100 countries so it makes it the largest selling young women’s magazine in the world. Can’t get any better magazine than that, can you?!

The campaign gets better because technology was involved! Yep, on Coppafeel’s free app (note the word free, as downloads will be off the roof), a new puppy picture would appear at the start of the month to remind users to check their breasts. That image is also shown on Cosmopolitan’s website and social media channels where the hash-tag #checkyourpuppies can be used. I think it’s great that social media is being taken advantage of. The only thing I think could have been thought about is perhaps considering an official health app to link the Coppafeel’s free app to educate women more about how to go about inspecting their breasts. The picture serves as a notification but doesn’t do more to get a woman standing in front of the mirror and doing a self-inspection. A link to a video or diagram would have been more effective on the whole. I suppose the website aims to take that into account:

Finally, it always helps when you have the lovely Fearne Cotton promoting a good cause via a video!


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