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Where do you draw the line when using Twitter for applying to jobs?

Job search on social networks

Credit: http://www.bluebugle.org/2013/03/finding-jobs-through-social-networks.html

Tricky question, no? The reason why this topic graces my blog is due to this observation I made recently when using Twitter. Now don’t get me wrong. Twitter can be a highly effective platform to find jobs, especially in a sector where social media and overall networking is highly valued. Most people are unaware that searching for specific terms using the hash tag can bring up a list of potential listings from junior to senior positions.

What happens, when someone applies for a position and gets an interview, uses the @ symbol and inserts the name of the company in a tweet, to highlight some sort of ‘know how’ they have in using social media? Wait. It doesn’t stop there. What if that person attends an interview and waits for a reply as to whether they’ve been rejected or accepted and proceeds to do the above in a tweet, to convey via social media that they are waiting for a response? It definitely shows eagerness, passion and interest in the position.

However, does it not breach a rule of job application etiquette? I feel there should be a certain level of professionalism maintained, regardless of whether the job was advertised on Twitter or not. It’s perfectly fine to tweet back to someone who has openly asked to get in touch. It’s also ok to be accepted for a placement or job and to tweet about it, mentioning the company, who will be alerted to the tweet if they have an account. What happens in between should remain professional. I love social media. I think the world runs on it and a lot of great job opportunities lie within Twitter. What people tend to forget is the way in which Twitter should be used. Maybe I have it all wrong but for me, striking the perfect balance is fundamental. Use Twitter wisely.


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