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No, I still think it was foolish to pelt someone with eggs.

Natalie Holt, the girl who grabbed headlines on Saturday evening for pelting Simon Cowell with eggs has come out with a written justification for her rather bizarre and absurd act. Cast your eyes on the content within the link below :

She begins with an apology to the two contestants who were performing at the time she ventured out like a madwoman and began to attack Simon Cowell with eggs. Unfortunately, her apology cannot take away from the damage that it did for the pair of performers. Question from me – there are a lot of people from various industries who have far too much power and influence. Who do you stop? Why do you care? Natalie Holt’s explanation fails to make me sympathise with her. She went out with the purpose of making Simon Cowell look silly, but has now been made to look rather ridiculous herself.

There was a time when people made a massive hoo-ha about Simon Cowell’s method of ‘finding talent.’ I think people have now come to accept that it is a procedure that a lot of the British public who go in search for platforms like X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, genuinely feel strongly about. Now we can’t possibly let those people down who have ambitions and dreams, can we? If they feel that it’s their only chance to showcase their talent, we shouldn’t really be putting up another barrier, just because the process seems like a ploy to us to make money. Every Saturday evening, the same people who criticise such reality shows, sit down to watch it for entertainment purposes.

Natalie Holt did something incredibly stupid and should consider herself a very lucky girl to not have had Simon Cowell take the matter further. This letter might just help alleviate her situation. Although it still boggles the mind as to why she would even think about pelting someone with eggs.


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