Liverpool face a future without Suarez – but is it all that bad?

“My reason for leaving is my family and my image, I don’t feel comfortable here any more.”

“They haven’t appreciated me as a player, they’ve just judged my attitude.”

“My daughter and my wife have suffered. I’m not prepared to continue to put up with the English press.”

“I have a contract with Liverpool, but it would be very difficult to say no to Real Madrid.”

Ship him off already. What more of an indication would the hierarchy at Liverpool football club need that he wants out? This is a player who the club has supported through thick and thin, knowing that their reputation as a club is at stake. If that same player gives interviews in his native country, hinting at his desire to move on by signalling to Real Madrid to table an offer, then it’s best to part ways. After all, no player is bigger than the club. The interview excerpts quite frankly do not make me sympathise with him. The footballing world  know the talent he is, but Suarez has failed to understand that his attitude and behaviour have wider implications on and off the pitch. Nutmeg the opposition to score a goal to win a match and I will stand up and happily applaud you. Don’t expect me or anyone else to do the same if you bite someone though.

Brendan Rodgers would have been eager to implement Suarez and his footballing mastery in his long-term plan to build the team. Sturridge and Coutinho have been fruitful January purchases, and the future looked somewhat positive in utilising the partnerships that might be imperative for long-term success.  Rodgers and co now face a stark reality –  a future without their main striker who is undoubtedly at the peak of his game and on par with the likes of Ronaldo, Messi and Van Persie. The loss of Suarez will hurt, but Liverpool have a business to run. If that means landing themselves with a hefty sum of money to buy quality players who will strengthen the squad in all positions, then John W Henry would have to swallow that bitter pill to ensure a prosperous future.

Just a quick question though. A bit too early for shirt burning?


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