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Golden Balls will lose his shine but is there anyone who can replace him?


I recently caught the article on PR Week written by Adrian Bevington who is group director of communications at The FA. Everything he said pretty much mirrored my thoughts about the brand that is Beckham. He has achieved so much for football on a global scale, that I see no one being able to emulate that level of success for a very long time. Would it be weird if I said that his overall name rather than footballing skills, is what I have grown up knowing? My first major hawk eye analysis of the man was his sending off in that World Cup game against Argentina. Owen took brownie points for scoring that goal, but Beckham’s sending off was what made news and got him a plethora of haters. What followed was a complete turn around. A marriage to a Spice Girl who has to be given some credit for moulding him into that ‘fashion icon’ Bevington mentions, and important goals like the one below, contributed to creating ‘Brand Beckham.’

Come on. Over 8 million YouTube hits.  Says it all really. Coming to my point, he became a global icon even after becoming public enemy number one for kicking out in a crucial game of football. It’s exactly this which makes him such a great example of a celebrity who has turned himself into a force to be reckoned with. Everyone knows that it was Beckham’s all round worldwide appeal that proved to be influential in helping win the bid to host the 2012 Olympics. That for me is the power of ‘Brand Beckham’ working its magic. His retirement means that he will no longer feature on a footballing pitch. There will be little news of him. I think like anything, the man will lose a little bit of that fame he has managed to create. Out of sight, out of mind? Whatever happens, there should be someone in the near future who would have to take over and represent that ‘face of football in the UK’ that Bevington mentions.  Is there anyone close enough to even possess an iota of that special something capable of producing the equivalent of Brand Beckham? The answer is a resounding no. Judging by the level of English talent out there, it seems a long way away to begin to even consider someone who is capable of shaking the footballing world with breathtaking footballing ability, let alone being good looking and personable. Maybe Becks is one of a kind. We also can’t deny that he has had a lot of sculpting and polishing throughout his journey so far. It might just be a case of polishing up a rough diamond. Boy has this diamond sparkled.


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