Random musings

Tweeting to my heart’s content

twitterHashtag, follow, @soandso and now trending. These are familiar terms for any prolific tweeter out there. I hate to disappoint Facebookers, but Twitter has managed to create itself a place in my very exciting life. That’s right, I wouldn’t have bet on it last year but truth be told, I have become a Twitter addict like you wouldn’t know it. Yikes. I read somewhere that the current generation of youngsters will be best equipped to go out there in the big wide world of work because they’ve grown up knowing all things digital in the current time. I envy them. I envy them because I now understand the power of Twitter and all things social media. Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, HootSuite and blogging platforms like Tumblr (now bought by Yahoo) and WordPress, are connecting people across the world personally and professionally. Twitter just happens to be right there on top of the ‘big boys list’ as I like to call it.

So what exactly makes me such a Twitter fan? It’s the ease with which I can share my thoughts. It also makes me think about what I’m writing by having a restriction of 140 characters (although I disapprove of those who abbreviate – not my cup of tea). There’s also that added benefit of having news flashing up on my screen as it breaks and seeing it trend as tweeters hashtag  amidst the buzz – case and point, Sir Alex retires. Facebook will always be there but it’s Twitter that encompasses all the qualities to make it a platform for worldwide instant connection and voicing of opinions.



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