The better question is, why hide your mastectomy from your loved ones?


Ok. Here’s the deal. I think it’s great that Angelina Jolie has highlighted for women, the importance of gene testing and how mastectomy can be used as a preventive measure, if one is found to be at high risk of developing breast cancer. I also feel that sometimes, it takes a high-profile celebrity to raise issues that can educate others into making a decision that will have positive outcomes with regards to their lifestyle.  Sure, she’s not the only celebrity to have had a mastectomy. Recently Michelle Heaton and Sharon Osbourne also had the life changing surgery as well. That news didn’t go viral on Twitter unsurprisingly. It’s the brand that Jolie has created, which has resulted in her written revelation having a ground breaking impact on women all around the world. Yet amongst all those who have in whatever shape, way or form, been touched or pushed to become more proactive about detecting and preventing cancer, one person who will still be reeling from the news will be Jon Voight her father.

‘I’m as surprised as anyone.’

I bet you are.

As he probably discovered the news via phone calls, news flashes and newspaper articles, he must have been completely gobsmacked. Surprised is far too weak a word. Granted both father and daughter have had a strained relationship in the past, yet I feel keeping it privy from him was not the best decision. Jolie conveys how partner Brad Pitt was ‘loving and supportive’ but to not make her father a part of her journey through such a time does take away from the brave decision to open up about her mastectomy to the world. I am sure that there are parents out there who would want to know whether their child is ill or about to make a life changing decision. When it comes to sickness and health, it’s more about having a great family unit to provide that support to make it through the tough time. So whilst Jolie has created something good by writing her story, for me she has forgotten one thing and that is the importance of having a parent by your side.


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