The success of a child lies in how much they read

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I remember as a child, how excited I got when I took out a new book to read in the school library. Blame it on my genetics, I’ve always been good at arts even though I never pursued it as a career. It was just the idea of reading Point Horror books (which now makes me cringe), Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Jacqueline Wilson’s teenage based stories that enthralled me every time I entered the school library in a lesson requiring me to pick a book. Thankfully, a level of reading sophistication appeared when an English teacher recommended I broaden my reading. That is when I discovered Agatha Christie, Malorie Blackman, and J.K.Rowling. The literary God showered me with his blessings and led me to fiction paradise. Boy do I appreciate it, till this day.

Today, an article on the Telegraph caught my eye, conveying how research carried out indicated that reading for pleasure results in greater success in life.

Parents and schools play an important part in encouraging young children to pick up a book and improve their language skills. I myself was never actively read to or persuaded to read a novel by my parents. In fact, I was questioned as to why I had a book in my hand as homework and furiously writing away was more of an indication that I was taking my education seriously. I count myself lucky to have had a mix of loving books and being driven by the parents to take school seriously, to be where I am now.

All in all, reading the article emphasised to me how crucial it is for young children in this day and age, to embrace reading for fun. Not only does it help them expand their vocabulary and improve their language skills, but it also exposes them to a world where they can appreciate human emotions and apply it to real life. It gives them the chance to be creative and try writing for themselves. Where children are too wrapped up in technology and playing video games, the aim of every parent should be to surround their children with reading material that matches the likes of their child. In that way, the curiosity that every child has within it, will only lead them to naturally find themselves flicking through the pages of a book.


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