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International Women’s Day – the bigger picture.

In a week where much focus is on the women in the world (International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day), I thought about giving my two cents about the issues women and girls are having to face on a daily basis. I remember a few months ago, the Delhi gang rape had an effect on me for a few weeks, as it did for the people of India, women on a whole across the globe, and for people overall. Article after article, newflash after newsflash – the statistics that came flooding through, about child trafficking and rape cases ignored, was astonishing. I would be the first to admit, that it was a shame that it took the victim Jyoti Singh Pandey or ‘Nirbhaya’, for people to start talking about how things need to change in India, and an overall attitude to women related crimes across the world. The fact it was a young, educated and independent woman, was what made it breaking news internationally. Replace her with the poor young woman living in the rural and patriarchal society, and not even the nearby village would have got a whiff of what had happened to her. In some cases, that girl would have been confirmed as having gone missing, if the higher powers deemed it necessary, to leave no trace of the heinous crime they committed.

Today, the case continues as the perpetrators face punishment. But what positives have come out of it? Campaigning for women’s rights more vigorously is the first step. Also, women and men in India, as well as other countries where such issues exist, protesting for a change in laws, has been paramount, in helping to tackle gender inequality issues on a whole. Whether that has instilled fear in those individuals who deem it acceptable to carry out such crimes, is questionable though. Only the other day, a 7 year old was raped in school in Delhi. Clearly, the government creating stricter laws and increasing punishment is not going to be enough. It seems that educating the mind can only achieve a change in mindset and that in itself is a long process.

I have 2 videos I want to share to convey my summary of thoughts. One video has been created by a campaign called the Girl Effect. This video was shared by a friend of mine and mostly focuses on how girls have the potential to change the world, given the opportunities. For more information :

This video hits the nail on the head about how things should pan out for every girl out there :

This video brings hope that Nirbhaya remains in the hearts of many women who strive to continue to fight for equality :

Dedicating a day to women, is great, but it’s what happens before and after the 8th of March which counts.