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The power of words

This week I caught the BBC 2 documentary called the ‘Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler.’ Up until now, I had only read about this villainous, evil and deranged side to Hitler, that led to World War II breaking out in Europe and the subsequent death of eleven million people or so. This documentary however, shone light on this supposed ‘charisma’ stemming from this multifaceted personality of his, which led the people of Germany to believe and root for his political policies. Hitler had a magnetic appeal; with his powerful words during his speeches doing all the work to get people to blindly follow his vision of wanting to create a country that dominated at the forefront of Europe.

Is there a figure at present that comes close to possessing some sort of charisma and power to captivate others? Barack Obama would feature high on that list I think. His recent re-election to a second term as president, and the resulting victory speech highlighted the charm that he exudes, contributing to the people choosing him over Mitt Romney. Sometimes, that is all it takes. With key problem areas like unemployment, deficit, federal taxes and healthcare, someone like Obama only needs to provide a speech where he can instil belief and urge others to keep on following the ‘American Dream.’ Chuck in a humorous line here and there, the essence of family unity and umpteen thanking, and you have the perfect victory speech recipe.

Obama thankfully, wishes for the best for the American people.

That is the power of words.