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Malala : How dare the Taliban take away my basic right to education?

Malala Yousafzai is a 15 year old Pakistani girl who has made international headlines in recent weeks. You may or may not have come across her name but she survived an assassination attempt by Taliban gunmen in her school bus, whilst she returned from school. She is currently recovering in a UK hospital. What I find so admirable about this young girl, is that she stood up and asked for her fundamental right. Something that you and I take for granted. which is the right to education. She expressed her fears and described her life as a person living under the repressive reign of the Taliban, as an anonymous blogger for the BBC at the tender age of 11. How ironic that I convey her story through my blog right now?

The more I have read about this little wonder kid, the more I realise why she has had such a profound effect on people like Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie. Why feelings of sympathy, shock and anger have taken over the hearts and minds of those who have encountered her story. For someone her age to stand up and fight for her cause, knowing the dangers associated with those she is opposing, is courageous and requires strength of mind. A list of her achievements :

Through her continuous work as a youth activist and women’s rights activist, Malala has somewhat become the voice of those girls and women suffering from oppression due to the Taliban regime – a complete ban of female education in the Swat district of Pakistan – where Malala is from. I believe that not only has Malala’s fight been for her own female compatriots, but for those who are enduring the hardships in Pakistan overall. So what happens now? While Malala may never be able to go back to her country again, she’s initiated the start of the world getting up and noticing the plight of her country people. That could snowball into a global effort to ensure that no one is deprived of their basic human rights in her country.