Random musings

Open Sesame!

Bonjour people. I’ve written a post already but this is just a blog tradition that I am completing. So that ‘tradition’ is just a quick hello to everyone who is currently reading this 🙂 For some I am a friend, acquaintance and colleague. For others, I am a stranger. Anyhow, here’s hoping that if you get stuck in your house one day because of British weather, happen to be bored or are on a commute journey with no Metro or Kindle Fire, then my blog posts might just ‘entertain’ you for a short space of time – maximum four minutes? Hmm….(you may now notice I like to ponder a lot). Mostly, this desire to start a blog is because I love to write and put my thoughts on paper (or in this case, on my Acer laptop screen). What a better way to share a fragment of my world with you?